Our Parents Matter.

We want to assure you that your child’s safety and well-being are our highest priority.  Students receive 24-hour supervision by qualified Houston ISD staff members who are trained in group facilitation and safety protocols.  Below, we have provided information that will help you and your child prepare for their time at the OEC.  If you have further questions, please feel free to reach us utilizing the CONTACT page.



Students are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout their stay.  If your child has any specific allergies, please let your school’s teacher know in advance.  For the menu click MEALS


For the majority of their stay, your child will be outdoors participating in hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that may encompass cool mornings, muddy trails, sunny and warm canoe paddling, or a rainy walk to the cafeteria.  Please pack appropriate clothes and shoes that do not need to be kept in “mint” condition.  Items should be packed in a duffel bag (or a large plastic bag with a pillowcase placed inside, NO SUITCASES).  Label the bag with your child's name and school.  BE CERTAIN YOUR CHILD IS PREPARED FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER. For a checklist click PACKING LIST


While at the OEC, students will participate in six daytime classes that utilize the natural landscape of the Piney Woods to explore concepts supporting HISD’s fifth grade curriculum and state standards.  During the evening program all cabin groups participate in an astronomy lesson and a night hike.  Other activities may include a reptile lesson, cookout, skit, ice breaker games, etc.  For a daily schedule click SCHEDULE


How do the children get to the OEC?
HISD provides transportation by school bus to and from the OEC.  On
departure days, students leave from the school at approximately
8:30 a.m. accompanied by school chaperones.  On the day of their return, 
students depart from the OEC after lunch, arriving back at the school prior
to regular dismissal time.
What if my child becomes ill at the Center?

A nurse is on duty 24 hours each day.  If your child has any medical
conditions that the nurse should be aware of, please indicate such in the
space provided on the Parental Permission and Health Information Form.  
Is it necessary to send all of the medications that my child regularly takes? 
Yes, students attend classes and are expected to be able to focus and complete assignments that
compliment the hand-on activities they participate in. Also, keep in mind students will be outside all day in a new setting so if your child has been prone to environmental allergies in the past please send any necessary
medications for those allergies.  
Can I telephone my child at the OEC?
It is not possible for students to make or receive personal phone calls while at
the OEC.  In an emergency, you may call the OEC Manager.  Al Bartell can be reached at 1-800- 729-6291.                         
What if my child needs to come back early?
Parents must make arrangements in advance with the school Principal and the
OEC Coordinator.  The District does not provide transportation in such circumstances; therefore, the parent is responsible for transporting their children if they come back early.                                                                        

Where do students sleep?                                                                                                Students sleep inside cabins on bunk beds with an average of 10-12 other students, and an OEC staff member. A blanket, towel and sheets are provided and all cabins at Camp Olympia are equipped with AC/heat.