For Kids!

Here at the OEC we make the best possible effort to show you what it's like to be outside in the great outdoors! While you are here you will be inside for meals and sleep, but unless it rains everything else will take place in our massive outdoor classroom.


Check out what we find here at the OEC from time to time in this blog!



Houston, while being a big and busy city has green areas too! Ask a parent or guardian to take you to a local park near you and have a picnic, play games, toss a frisbee or ball around and enjoy some fresh air.

Click on the link to see what Houston's top ten parks are:


Sometimes it can be difficult to play outside in Houston, but it's not impossible! You don't necessarily have to be doing things in nature to play outside. Simply playing basketball or tag or other games that get you active and in the sun are great ways to prepare you for your week at the OEC.

Click on the link to get some ideas on how you and your friends can use what you find in your neighborhood to connect with the outdoors!


Resources to help you Prepare